Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yard Transformation

I've heard the thrird year is the magically time for your yard. We're not quite there yet but I'm really proud of everything so far. Here's the wintergreen boxwoods with the new wood edging.

This is one of the new defined beds. I moved the bricks from the boxwoods and made this one. The lime sweet saw grass came from the front yard. It was getting too much sun there. Here they are shaded by our dogwood tree. In the middle right is a ruby red azalea which should bloom next spring. On the back left is the yew which also needed more shade. It's amazing how much better it's already doing. I dug up the hostas and planted them in terra cotta pots then placed them next to the playset. 

These two euonymus shrubs used to live in the previous picture bed but I discovered the sun makes them happy. The extra bricks found a new home here too. In the pot are mums from this past autumn.

The saw grass used to occupy the front row but I've replaced them with tickseed. They can tolerant dry conditions and they have prettiest little orange flowers. I was searching for something with a dark green leaves so it was perfect. I've been obsessed with arborvitae trees lately and I bought two without really knowing where to plant (sometimes you just have to take the plunge). They add extra height/interest here. The past two years, I've placed a petunia basket in our red pot but this year I created my own assortment of flowers. Fingers crossed the creeping jenny with grow down the side and give it that overflowing look :)

Our ferns and hydrangeas have gone CRAZY. Every morning I peak to see if they are blooming yet. Not sure how well the junipers are doing; they look pretty puny in this pic.

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lab said...

it all looks so green and healthy. it does make a difference about location regarding the amount of sun. i still need to move some plants and this is year #22 i think.