Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quapaw Tour

A historic house tour + beautiful skies = a perfect mother's day. Thanks mom for coming along :)

Do you how you can tell a pie safe is authentic? If the holes are punched from the inside out that way it prevents bugs from stealing nibbles.

Another interesting fact, back-in-the-day celery was a special treat so the hostess would display it in a special celery vase. The guests would admire the beauty then later chop down on it.

This is side view of P. Allen Smith's city home garden. My favorite boxwoods and terra cotta pots.

Here's an idea...putting large shutters next to your garden shed door.

Here's a shot of creative shelving on the side of the shed. Go ahead and turn your pots over or tip them to the side.

I'm digging this walkway!

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