Monday, January 28, 2013


We're having incredible weather so Wavy and I decided to head to the zoo. We've been reading Goodnight Gorilla so I thought it would be fun to see a real one.

Her vocabulary is getting bigger and it's funny b/c I sometimes have to translate for Ryan. When she wants her jacket on she'll say "tuck, tuck". She always tries to take it off and she'll tell be "stuck, stuck, Mama, stuck." Zipper is "pluh" (not sure where that came from?). Other words are backpack, milk, wah-wah (water), uh-oh (anytime something drops...crumb, crayon, toy), milk, brie (ha!), done, more, cra-cra (cracker), lap (she likes to sit on mine when we read, color or do stickers), cat, bow, nose, baby, bear, book, hat, knock-knock, car, bus, nite-nite, hi, play and my favorite is CHOO-CHOO (for train, she sticks her lips out so far for this one).

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