Saturday, March 9, 2013

The BOIL 2013

Welcome to our first annual Crawfish Boil! This is our first time cooking em' ourselves so I studied up on some YouTube videos the night before :)

Gotta have the new potatoes. Note for next year, buy less potatoes! Tons of leftovers that you really don't want to eat again.

After searching four stores, we still couldn't find the BIG bag of seasoning so we opted for 10 of the small. Next year, we'll have to order in advance. I've heard mushroom are pretty so we threw in a few.

Awwhhh, the little mud bugs.

The boys watching the water boil...only it didn't until Bob showed up and fixed it.

TA DA! I believe our first one was a success! 
Could've used a little more stink but there's always next year :)

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Ryan said...

I still look for that stuff all over and can't find it. Grrrr.