Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fabric Wallpaper

I couldn't resist this fabric especially since it was 53% off the markdown price. Our back bathroom is pretty tiny so I decided it needed a little pazazz and this was the creative solution. 

All it took was about two yards of fabric, liquid starch, tacks, sponges and sponge brush. First, we tacked it into place with help from a hammer. Next soaked the sponge in the liquid starch and start spreading over the fabric. I discovered it works better to wipe the wall too with starch. Warning, the fabric will stretch. Let dry for about a day. Use metal ruler and exacto knife to trim the edges. 

The nice part is it's easy to peal off and doesn't remove paint or damage the wall. My roommate in college and I used this technique for our dorm room. I'll post another pic once I decide what to hang on the wall.


lab said...

another project almost complete. glad it turned out so good.

Kensho Studio said...

This is a cool idea! I will watch for next picture. I love your fabric choice!