Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pride and Sadness

After all our "hard work" the pumpkins are finished! I think they look fabulous. Above is Harrison's on the left and Ryan's on the right.

The arched cat is mine and Lucy's is the one with mice chewing it. She never gets around to carving hers so every year a family of mice moves in and makes it their home. 

Okay, here's the sad part. The next morning, as Ryan was leaving for work, he discovered someone had kidnapped his pumpkin! Harrison and I saw one in the road a couple houses down. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection it wasn't ours. Harrison said "that makes me sad." At least, we'll always have the memories and pictures.


lab said...

you should be proud of how great your pumkins look. harrison, lot of hard work is right.

Kensho Studio said...

Your pumpkins look great! I love that Lucy gets her own! Sorry to hear about the pumpkin-napper! That is not very nice and I agree with Harrison, it makes me sad too!