Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Children's House

As part of the this year's sales meeting, around 125 of us volunteered to help move and set up the new Children's House. The mission of Children's House is to provide a safe, secure place for children to overcome devastating effects of abuse and neglect, regardless of social or economic background. It is a year-round therapeutic child development and crisis intervention center that serves children 18 months through five years of age who have suffered from physical, sexual and emotional abuse and life threatening neglect. 

The director told us the new facility will be able to assist 78 children, up from 22. It was such a wonderful experience to volunteer yet heartbreaking to think about these little kids. She told us of a young child who would hold her food all day in her mouth on Friday because she knew she wouldn't have much food at home on the weekend. There's kids like this all over world and we need to take care of them, they are our future. So this holiday season (and beyond) I'm going to make a much better effort to volunteer whether it be my time or money. A little difference is better than none at all.

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lab said...

am proud that so many volunteered. it doesnt take much to make a big difference.