Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Dentist Check Up

At Harrison's two-year-old wellness check up, the pediatrician informed us that Harrison may visit the dentist sometime before his 3rd birthday. I've been putting it off until I could really explain what would happen so he wouldn't freak out. You never know what kind of reaction you're going to get with a toddler.

Our stars were lined up perfectly today. In the waiting room, was a gigantic playground with a slide and cushioned stairs and walls. Off to a good start! They called us back into a room to have him weighed (32 lbs.) and verify all the normal info. Next we entered a large room with about 6 dentist chairs. Two other boys were having their teeth cleaned so I'm sure it was reassuring to him. 

While waiting, they gave him a Thomas the Train video game to play with. This was a bonus. Then I saw the teeth cleaning cap and I was a little scared for him. I was thinking they would just count his teeth and then be done. Boy, was I wrong. 

First the dental hygienist started flossing those chompers. She was VERY good with him and even sang a little bit. Then the dentist, Dr. Cooper (who H later referred to as Dr. Pooper) used that metal tool to touch each one. Apparently, he's chipped one or two of his side teeth. The doc said kids do that all the time. And we need to be extra careful with his two front teeth b/c there's not a gap in them where most kids have it. 

After Dr. Pooper, oh I mean Dr. Cooper, was finished, the hygienist came back from the cleaning. She let H feel that spinning instrument first with his finger than she said she was going to tickle his teeth with it. He was absolutely wonderful, a 100 times better than I thought he would be. Thank goodness because we'll be back in six months! 


Melissa said...

Wow, I can't believe they gave him a thorough cleaning (and that he put up with it!) All they did was take a quick peek at Jacob's teeth.

Ryan said...

He looks so little in that picture!

The Photo Goo said...

I remember you telling me about Jacob's visit, that's why I was SO surprised when they pulled out the tools!

lab said...

what a little trooper. kids are so amazing. they will exceed your expectations when least expected.