Monday, November 21, 2011

Sneak Peak & Harrisonism

Here's a sneak peak of the Christmas card idea. Last week, I took Harrison with me to Target in search for holiday clothes for him and Waverly. Well, he spotted the baby santa outfits and insisted Waverly and him will be Mr and Mrs Claus. 

More Harrisonism -

We were discussing the Christmas photo idea . . .
H: Mama, this outfit doesn't come with a beard. I need a beard.
Me: Okay, maybe we can make one. What should we make it out of? (I'm thinking cotton balls)
H: Ohhh, I need a silk beard!

As we were walking into the grocery store, there was an overweight lady texting . . .
H: Look Mama, she has a santa belly!
Luckily, she was too busy and didn't hear him!

Ryan and Harrison were about to build a castle out of blocks when H said:
H: This castle needs lots of closets. It's not a proper castle without closets.

We were admiring a colorful sculpture and discussing the material:
Me: I don't think it is made of tiles, it looks like glass.
H: You're right, panes of glass.

Maybe he'll be a writer when he grows up . . . he certainly has plenty of material.

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