Thursday, March 8, 2012

8 Months!

Look who's 8 months!!! I had to give her a few items to distract her so I could get these shots. Otherwise she would just crawl away.

I love this expression. She crinkles her nose and makes a sniffling sound. 

Our little lady has changed SOOO much these past couple weeks! She can now crawl with her belly off the ground but she discovered she's faster on her belly thanks to our hardwood floors. She's eating 3 full meals a day and hasn't refused anything I've given her. She's constantly pulling up and opening drawers. The landing still needs some work. She has no fear and seems to have a high pain tolerance :)

In the mornings, she waves bye-bye to Ryan. Clapping happens quite a bit after she's eaten. She's mastering the sippy cup. She's saying dada, mama, bye-bye and bho-bho (I think she's trying to say brother). I'm not sure if she's connecting all the words but she can get them out.

We're learning more about her personalty too. She's pretty bashful if strangers smile at her. She hides her head in my arm then looks back at them and flashes a cute little grin. It's all about games with her. Still playing peak-a-boo and now she lays her head on her shoulder and starts laughing (a new game she's invented). BTW, she's extremely ticklish and a fan of music. She'll start bopping along to any sound. 


Anonymous said...

We had that book. :)

Kensho Studio said...

She just gets cuter and cuter!! Such a little doll!

lab said...

you couldnt not love that sweet little face. cant wait to get hold of her.