Saturday, March 24, 2012

Silver Dollar City

Here's a shot of the crew before entering Silver Dollar City. I'm not sure why Waverly is licking the tray?! I made sure and took a picture of Harrison with my phone. I read somewhere you should always take a picture before going into a crowd just in case they get lost. Sometimes it's hard to remember what they were wearing that day. I put a bright orange shirt on him too so he's easy to spot.

Harrison is now at the perfect age to start enjoying all the rides. I was excited to be the first one to take him on a roller coaster. I was a little nervous that he'd want off or start crying but he laughed the entire time!

Bob and Mimi were a great help. The lines for everything were insane but we all survived.

Poor Harrison is so exhausted Ryan had to carry him out of the park!

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