Sunday, April 7, 2013


It's that time of year for H's birthday photos. Getting these two to get dressed and outta the car was very challenging! I guess the pictures are worth it though. 

It's been a big and exciting week in our land. There's the number FIVE birthday (how did that happen SOOOOO fast?), Wavy used the toilet THREE times (no joke! but I'm not going to push it, we have a vaca coming up and I'm not making a million stops at nasty, public restrooms) and (drum roll please) H started reading! Yay, I'm so excited and proud of the lil man!

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Ryan said...

You two are so handsome and adorable. Smart and loving too. I hope that you read this one day and think NBD, mom and dad tell us all the time how much they love us. Because you need to know and be reminded every day that you guys are so precious to us.