Sunday, April 14, 2013

My 5-Year-Old Baby

H: Mama, is it after college that you get separated from your family?

Me: Well, some people go to college out of state so you live away from your family then. But we're never going to separate. (not sure where this came from...)

H: (quiet...pondering)

Me: You can live close to us when you're older.

H: I CAN'T...There's never any houses for sale on our street!

Me: Okay, you and your family can live with us. We'll just add a few more stories to the house.

H: (big eyes, excited) I've always wanted an another floor AND we're going to need to get some bunk beds!!!

Now he keeps talking about all the extras we're going to need once we add on. Ahhh, the 5-year-old H wants to live with his parents forever...wonder when that will change.

I get this eye-rolling look quite a bit these days but I still love him more than ever. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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Ryan said...

Ah Mr. H, I too want to look up to heaven sometimes because you are so silly and mercurial.