Thursday, April 30, 2009

Craig's List

Throughout this move, I've managed to clear out some of our belongings. We lived on a fairly busy street so sometimes I would just set items on the corner and time how long it would take before someone would snatch it up. This actually was pretty entertaining. One person decided to leave the "FREE" sign but take their new treasure. Another way of de-cluttering was through Craig's List. I sold everything I posted within one day! The photo above is my photo enlarger with which I've decided to part ways, it is a little sad. I can remember spending hours and hours in the dark room just hoping I had the right exposure. I'm fully digital now.


lab said...

have you ever read the children book JUNK DAY ON JUNIPER STREET? all people in neighborhood have spring cleaning and put their unwanted items on curb. by end of day every neighbor has collected a throw away from another neighbor and the curbs are completely clear. we have always called the city wide clean ups 'junk day on juniper street'. sounds like you had the same in your last city.

cjgates78 said...

Dang, i needed one of those just the other day.