Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cutest Kids on the Block

I've recently had the pleasure of photographing these three beautiful babies, all of whom will be turning one within the next month. This is one of my favorite ages to photograph, they aren't quite aware of the camera yet.

J-Man has the BEST smile, you can't help but smile back at him. He's quite the explorer and he provides his parents with constant entertainment.

Miss M has the most amazing blue eyes, you have to see her to believe it. You can already tell she's going to be a sweetheart.

Mr. H had a good time during his photo shoot. He's such a trooper, hanging in there while I follow him around with my camera. We're very proud of our lil' guy.


lab said...

what pretty babies! j-man is going to be a ladies man with that smile. miss m looks to be all girl with her tutu. h is just h. happy and secure with his life and soooo cute.

designergirl007 said...

These are GREAT pictures. I have always said, you have a way of capturing not just pictures but personalities and you did it again with these cuties! Your talent leaves me in awe. :)

laura said...

Babies in general are awesome aren't they. They're all precious

Growing Paines said...

Yay, Maryn made the blog. Wonderful photos!