Friday, September 3, 2010

Garden Path

Here's our latest backyard project. The area surrounding our raised flower bed is in desperate need of TLC. The first step is clearing out the area. Since our house is almost 100 years, the yard has had plenty of time to get out of control.

Ryan is working up a sweat laying the bricks for the edge of the walkway.

I love the imperfections in the bricks. It reminds me of an old English garden.

We have leftover stone so I thought it might be a nice touch to add it in the walkway instead of having only pea gravel.

Now, it's my turn to sweat. I'm shoveling the pea gravel we purchased the other day.

I forgot to mention, we also covered the ground in Weed Blocker Black Landscape Fabric. On a side note, we're still getting a few green peppers and jalapenos!

The edge of the path has a small slope so Ryan came up with this step solution. 

At last, we can toast to another completed project!


lab said...

wow! it looks soooo great. can tell it was a long sweaty project. but it sure paid off.

Ryan said...

Yes, my biceps really are as big as they look in the second picture.

KenshoStudio said...

Impressive---looks gorgeous, you two (or three! ;-> ).


laura said...

looks nice. I do love it when a project comes together.