Friday, September 17, 2010

Hotel del Coronado

After an exhausting week of training, we were finally able to kick back in Coronado. Now, this is the ultimate vacation spot, not touristy.

The Hotel del Coronado is a must-see. "Built in 1888, the classic beachfront respite has long been heralded as one of America's most beautiful beach resorts. With its iconic red turrets piercing the taut horizontal lines of an azure California skyline, Hotel del Coronado radiates with a confidence of gracious Victorian splendor that is without equal." I couldn't have put it better myself.

Here's some trivia for you. It was also used as the backdrop in the classic "Some Like It Hot" starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. And 11 presidents have visited the hotel, beginning in 1891. 

How nice to have the ocean as a backdrop to this fantastic pool! There are also cottages to rent right on the beach with private pools and hot tubs. The vacation package that was most appealing to me was the Ultra-Luxe Beach Village Escape starting at $25,000. Yes, it does sound a little out of my price range but it includes a personal butler, private limousine, couples massage and bath butler (sometimes it's so difficult to turn that faucet), sunset sailing and dinner aboard a private yacht, gourmet kitchen pre-stocked with favorite food and wine (pretty excited about this option) and much more. Okay, who's with me? 


Heather said...

My mom and dad took me there in highschool - i have always wanted to go back!! I know you are glad to be heading home but I hope you get to come to NWA soon!

lab said...

your work travel is never to boring places. that picture looks like something in a travel brochure.