Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chalk Paint Desk

Excuse the grainy pic. It was taken with my phone in bad overhead lighting (boo). Anyways, here is the before pic of my old work desk. Since I quit, I haven't really used it at all. I prefer to work on the couch, in the chair, in bed, anywhere but a desk. Ha! I remember I mentioned the Annie Sloan chalk paint? Well, I bit the bullet and finally got some. I decided to try out this piece first b/c I'd like to sell it.

TA DA! I love that you really see the detail under the drawers. I used Old White with two coats of the clear wax.

I thought about keeping it b/c I think it looks pretty stinkin' good BUT I want get a china cabinet (to paint) so I simply don't have enough room in the house for it anymore.

Here's a detailed shot of the piece. I sanded a few spot here and there for a tiny distressed look. I'll be posting it on Craig's List soon. Fingers crossed that I sell it so I can get the cabinet!

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Shannon said...

It looks great! Did you think it was easy to work with? I love it!