Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh You Stinky Bear

I have always thought it was so sweet when little kids have a lovie that they carry with them everywhere. I've recently changed my views on the matter.

I tried to push one on Harrison but he was not interested. Well, Waverly LOVES her pink bear. She has to nap and sleep with it every night. Sometimes he (yes, it's a he) goes with us on stroller trips. Lately she's been chewing on Pink Bear (that's his name) and it's really gross. I've found chewed up green (from the rainbow pack) goldfish in his ear! He's really starting to smell too. I've washed him quite a bit but it's hard finding the right time that doesn't overlap her sleeping schedule. My mom bought her a new pink bear and she knew the difference right away and shook her head no. I guess he's just part of the family now.

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lab said...

what will happen when pn bear is pretty much all gone. poor waverly.