Thursday, September 6, 2012

Soccer and Recess Updates

We're stylin' and ready to go! Shin guards - CHECK, long socks - CHECK, socks OVER shin guards - CHECK, soccer shoes - CHECK, cool shorts - CHECK, Star Wars Lego t-shirt - CHECK,  soccer ball - CHECK, water bottle - CHECK. Next time I'll bring more than one water bottle and I still need to pick up some chairs. I did manage to keep Waverly in the stroller for half of practice :)

Other news, I volunteered for my second recess duty yesterday. It was super duper hot. Well, H decided he needed a drink from the fountain and another girl R was in need of the restroom. This time the teacher watched over them. Here's the conversation when they got back:

R: Some kids weren't being nice to Harrison.

Me: What? What happened?

R: They called him a BABY. I said YOU mess with him, YOU mess with me first (pointing to her chest)!

Me: Well, that wasn't very nice (I'm thinking it was some 3rd graders).


H: Yeah.

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