Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas!

My mom, sister and I made the pilgrimage to the biggest flea market in the US! Crazy, yes! Little did we know this weekend is the busiest one all year. YIKES. I've been wanting to go for several years and decided we better do it now :)

Melissa's find was the score of the day. Sixteen vintage snow skis for only $15! Why do you need skis in LA? Well...she's going to make two adirondack chairs

After the market closed, we stopped by Paul Michael which was super crowd but really cool. The stores are in random location but I'll definitely have to find my way to one again!

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Sara Drew said...

The original one in Lake Village is only about 1.5 hrs away! I go every time we go visit Will's family. I'm on the trip to Miss!