Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Website Wednesday - FeLion Studios

My sister brought me the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine and I was in awe by this designer. Click HERE for FeLion Studios. Dontcha just LOVE these cast iron skillets?!!! "FeLion Studios is a manifestation of years spent to establish a quality and personality of functional iron products and artwork created by owner and artist Alisa Toninato. The break down of her studio name is simply the combination of materials and birth mascot: Fe being the periodic symbol for iron and driven by the radiant energy of Leo birth date. Put together, 'iron-lion' is a culmination of passion and craft that is willing to pounce upon creativity and roam across the fields of utility and fine art sculpture." So cleaver! Ryan said I bet the Texas one is really heavy :)

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Ryan said...

Much like and respect the work required.