Thursday, November 8, 2012

Font Face

We were downtown the other day and this sign caught my eye...classic. You don't see these types of signs around much these days...

Ya know how when you write something down or chat about life with someone,you feel better afterwards (forgive me now for the rambling post)? Let me back up, I love reading about people who have started their own artsy/crafty business from the ground up. Some have lost their job others felt the calling to escape from their 9-5 job. Each month Country Living magazine features at least one of these types of people. I admire them so much. There was one recently about a couple who started their own line of organic popcorn with unique flavors (I wish I could remember the name). Anyways, I wonder what does it take to become one???

I have plenty of ideas, maybe even too many for my own good. I think that's part of the problem, my mind wonders from one big idea to the next without even trying the first one. How does one focus? Geezh. Maybe I need a life coach? I'm not looking for that next big idea to make millions. Not at all. I'm a believer in mo money, mo problems. But something that I can create and be proud of. Extra cash for vacations and Anthropologie shopping trips would be a bonus. What do I focus on??? Hmm, my mind is so scatter right now. I think it's all these Lego pieces invading my house. Any free advice out there? 

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Sara Drew said...

I'm right there with you sister! I truly believe the right idea will hit us at the right time and the pieces will fall into place. :) Also, no matter what you do, it will be a success.