Monday, March 16, 2009

A Day in the Life

Just chilling and relaxing on a walk around the block. And yes, it's pajama Monday. You can't beat the fact that "it's so cute" if an 11-month-old is wearing his PJs in public while people think his mom is lazy and/or crazy if she's in hers. Okay, I wasn't in my pajamas but I really wanted to be :)

Lucy has a love/hate relationship with Harrison while he on the other hand just loves her. He's discovered hugging this week and can't get enough of his favorite companion.


designergirl007 said...

I LOVE your photos. Harrison is such a cutie and I love his PJ's with feet! So snuggly and his lovin on Lucy is priceless!

lab said...

harrison has a wonderful life: pajama mondays, daily walks, an older sister with patience, an unlimited supply of cheerios, and best of all wonderful parents that know he hung the moon.