Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Sack of Safflower

The photo says it all and now we're stuck with a 5 lb. bag of safflower. Here's the new score Squirrels-2, Harrison-1 and Ryan-negative 1. Ryan thinks WW should take some of the blame.


lab said...

at least there are no squirrels. stick with the suet cakes. say uncle. retire the feeder.

W2 said...

W2 said the Safflower would attract the pretty birds and deter the ugly ones. Looks like you only have gnarly birds and the oily suet cake is encouraging them to hang around. I recommend the solid suet cakes, like orange & hot (available at Lowes). These also attract pretty birds & woodpeckers. W2 will not take any blame for this episode. Ryan added another variable to the mix. Keep working at it.