Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Guess who's back . . . I think Mr. Squirrel has our house wired. Last night, Ryan and I decided we would put the original feed in the feeder since we have a 10 lb. bag just sitting here. Well, he's been poking around all day and we haven't given in to him yet. The score remains the same with a slight edge to Mr. S.


lab said...

perhaps mr. squirrel does a daily check at your feeder. he seems to be pretty sharp. try throwing nuts over the fence to distract him.

Shannon said...

The Kodak album was great. I showed all the pics to Cody last night. He thinks Harrison looks like Ryan. I think he looks like you. :)

Ryan said...

I still have a thing against the little monsters. I even have H on the anti-squirrel team. Birds are about to be added if they keep up with the white bombs on everything.