Friday, May 20, 2011

The Crib AKA Jungle Gym

I started to get a little worried because we didn't have the crib set up yet so Ryan and Harrison put it together this past weekend. I decided I should cover the mattress with a blanket in case anyone decided to sneak in there. Well, the other day H was being really quiet so I knew I needed to check on him. He took the vacuum cleaner apart and several pieces of it in the crib along with the dusty canister. He was having the best time. I tried to explain it's where the baby will sleep and we shouldn't put a vacuum cleaner in there.

A few days later, I walked into the room and H had one leg on the back, one leg on the front and both hands on the side. He said, "I'm a MONKEY, I'm a MONKEY!" That night I heard Lucy jump in there! Geez!  I guess it's time for me to put the crib tent up but I know Harrison will think that's a new adventure. 

I took down the two photos that were on this wall and added some wall decals from Hobby Lobby. I'm paranoid that whatever is hanging will fall on the baby so I thought the decals were a perfect solution. Plus, babies like contrasting colors. Not too much longer!


Melissa Bruning said...

I love the birds!

designergirl007 said...

I love the wall art! It looks like you are all ready... ;)

lab said...

seems like that crib is one busy place. but i'm with you, harrison would love the crib tent.