Monday, May 30, 2011


Lately, Harrison has decided to give up his afternoon nap. However, put him in a stroller and it's Mr. Snoozie. 

After picking him up from school, I asked him if he remembered to use his manners. He informed me that he was running low and he would save them for Saturday and keep them in his life. 

We're still working on potty training. Anyone have tips? He said he would be trained by the last Saturday. I'm hoping it's not the last Saturday of the year!


Kensho Studio said...

Oh it LOVE his comment! I will remember that line "Im running low and saving up" ... that could be used in many situations!! Ha Ha!!

lab said...

my, my, the end of naps is a very sad time in the lives of mothers and fathers. hope he changes his mind.
jesse and dan used to say they were out of kisses, then make more. same with hugs.