Friday, May 6, 2011

Monthly Prego Photo

Here's my monthly photo and less than two months to go! The baby and I are doing fairly good. I'm growin' and growin'. I was very lucky and didn't have to experience the summer months with Harrison. With this baby, I'm already feeling the summer swelling. 


Kensho Studio said...

You look so cute!! I hope the weather isn't too bad .... I don't like the heat and can't imagine being pregnant when it's so hot!

I guess I'm still thinking girl, cause yesterday I (without even thinking) picked out a "girl" rubber stamp with you in mind! Ha! If you have a boy, I will have some "back paddling" to do! Not sure why I have in my mind that you'll have a girl??

designergirl007 said...

Beautiful momma! Can't wait to meet the new baby Brooks!

Anonymous said...

you have really bloomed. did harrison have that shape? you look so pretty and happy. can hardly wait to meet my sixth grandbaby.