Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Card Saver

If you're like me, you save all your cards but they end up collecting dust in a box. Well, my friend Shannon blogged about this great idea for displaying cards. I found this necklace at Hobby Lobby for $1.47 in the jewelry making department. It was my lucky day because it was half price. I hardly pay full price at Hobby Lobby because every week they have 50% off sales. You can find their weekly ads online.

I hole-punched all of the cards that Waverly has received and put them on the necklace. I saved a couple of ribbons from presents and added them too. Then I hung it on the door knob in her room. She'll always have a constant reminder of all the people who love her. I bought an extra one for Harrison and one for Ryan and I to share.


Ange said...

Such a great idea! That would be a good shower gift for someone. You could actually collect all the cards for them while at the shower and make it for them there.

lab said...

mandi, the project queen. dont know how you find the time. i am so impressed. love both ideas.

Betsy said...

Ok--I will be copying this idea!