Friday, October 21, 2011

Pre-Wedding Day Events

The day started out perfect with sunny skies and warm autumn weather. Upon arriving to the bridesmaids' tea, I noticed this too cute setting. Andria wrapped our jewelry up with a monogrammed tag. On our seat was a goody bag with our fabric flowers (that she made) for our dresses and we each received an antique brooch for the middle of them. But that's not all, on the back of our chair was an apron. She taught herself how to sew and picked out fabric that she knew we would love.

The crazy part about my apron is my friend Heather gave me a carrying bag with the exact same prints! I guess those girls know me :)

Here's the beautiful bride and Miss Waverly. It was so nice to be able to eat without holding a child!

Hanging out in the tea room waiting for the next activity.

Andria surprised us with a floral designing class! This is right up my alley. We all sported our new aprons.

How creative! We were able to design our own bouquet for the wedding. The florist explained the flowers and the maximum number to take. 

First we started by removing the extra leaves. The florist walked us through all the steps and was there to help if needed. 

Here's Melissa, Andria and me perfecting our arrangements.

I absolutely love how mine turned out. I was aiming for a pale, antiqutie-lookin' feel.

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laura said...

That looks pretty dang professional to me. Good job.