Friday, December 23, 2011

Birthday Acts

Rub-a-dub-dub, an Elf in the tub!

Today is my birthday and I'll cry if I want to. Only kidding, I'm fine with birthdays as long as no one asks me my age ;) My day started out by reading this card from Heather whom I've know for over 20 years! This quote reminds me of skunks!

This year I wanted to do something new for my birthday and I read about a great idea on someone's blog . . . A random acts of kindness day! So I asked the family if they would assist me in my quest. Harrison and I baked cookies this morning and left a few for our mailman. 

The rest of the cookies went to the local fire house. All the firemen were pretty excited to have some tasty treats. 

Our next stop was at Harrison's doctor's office. Last time we were there, I noticed they didn't have any Highlights magazines. When I was little that was a "highlight" of going to the doctor and finding the hidden images. Harrison was sweet enough to donate a few of his issues. We also dropped off a few board books for the young 'uns. 

We found a row of vending machines at the hospital and placed quarters in all the change spots. Anything to make someone smile when they are at the hospital this time of year.

It's happened to us before . . . you've run out of diapers and/or wipes! We left a few in the bathroom for that emergency situation.

I left several of my favorite magazines in the waiting room. I highly recommend This Old House :)

This act was one of my favorites. If you look closely, you'll see a dollar bill tucked into the construction truck. We hid a few dollars in the toy aisle of Dollar Tree for some kids to find.

Had to make a pit stop at Target for some supplies. While there, we returned a cart, smiled at strangers, picked up some trash, and chatted with the checker. 

Bob and Mimi babysat the kiddos (thank you!) for a much needed quiet birthday lunch (yeah, eating local). Afterwards, we dropped off diapers, wipes, gloves and formula at a homeless shelter for families.

And finally, we pulled together a care package for Flip Flopper and Jacob. Oh and I can't forget a lovely phone call to Nana.

Just think if everyone did ONE random act, ONE day a year, how much better would this world be?!!!


lab said...

wow!!!! bet you made a lot of people smile. but i imagine you and H enjoyed it the most. what a nice person you are and very creative in your giving.

HaydensMom said...

awesome idea! sounds like a great way to spend your day!

Anonymous said...

your random acts brought tears to my eyes!! what an amazing day. i hope your day was as blessed.