Monday, December 5, 2011

First Solids!

This morning, that elf was found swinging peaceful with the little penguin. 

It's a big day for Waverly, her first solid food! We waited until Harrison was exactly six months before introducing him to rice cereal. Well, this little lady kept grabbing at our food and the other day she was reaching her hand into Ryan's mouth! It went pretty well. She wanted to be in control and feed herself :)

Here's another expression that cracks us up. Sometimes she'll chew on her cheeks or tongue. Pretty funny.


Kensho Studio said...

oh my, I love that expression too! And the way her eye brows are kinda raised ... so cute!

lab said...

little banana eater! she wont be a picky eater--she will taste anything! books-fingers-toys-mail and the list never ends.