Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Five Months!

I'm gonna have to go to the grocery store and buy some more syrup!

Our little angel is five months today! I feel like a lot have changed in the past couple of weeks. She's able to get on all fours and lift that belly off the ground. She puts EVERYTHING in her month that is within reach. She's learned to show her displeasure. For example, she'll help me open the mail and if she tries to eat the envelope (which she does every time), she says "ahhhhhh, grrrrr, ahhhh, eeeeehhhh" when I take it away.

She adores Lucy cat. She reaches out for her, growls and grabs handfuls of fur. Lucy must not mind b/c she doesn't move. Her favorite person is probably still Harrison. He gets the best laughs out of her. 

And lastly, she can't wait for Christmas to come!


Kensho Studio said...

These pictures are so cute! I can't believe how big she is already. Love her santa hat.

Kensho Studio said...

PS Forgot to mention that Pulpe has the right idea ... I would love drink maple syrup with a straw! (you are very clever with helping him find neat activities!)

lab said...

what a wonderful early early christmas you ryan and harrison (and lucy)got with the arrival of miss W.