Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Season of Giving

Pulpe was all ready to tag along with Harrison to school today. 

It's the season of giving and man, it's kept me busy, in a good way :) I made these "Christmas Cookies in a Jar" for friends and Harrison's school. We kept one for ourselves and they made pretty tasty cookies.

For Harrison's school friends, we bagged the homemade chex mix and burned cds of Harrison's favorite Christmas songs. It's a good thing he has a graphic designer as a mama!

I had the most fun creating these necklaces. I'm thinking about making more and selling them on Etsy . . .


lab said...

my goodness - i cant believe how busy you are and with two children and working from home. SUPER MOM!!! you make me feel so lazy.

HaydensMom said...