Monday, October 29, 2012

City or Country Girl

When I was younger I definitely desired living in a big city. I had my stint in NYC which really wasn't for me. I've experience the small (well not too small), medium and big sizes. And you know what, the older I get the ruraler (not a word) I get. Which for Ryan, it's the opposite. He really digs big cities these days. It's funny how we've changed. 

Don't get me wrong I love my city and it's a perfect size for me right now. Plenty to do AND there's an airport within 15 minutes. BUT I do find myself daydreaming of owning a couple of acres maybe in upstate NY? Is that where my fantasy place lives? Going to the farmers market and seeing Martha, hanging out at the local bakery and gathering with neighbors for a home cooked gourmet meal outside on a long picnic table with twinkle lights hanging from the trees. The table decor would reflect the season. Sorry, I've been catching up on my Country Living Magazines lately :) Where's your fantasy location?


Ryan said...

That hardly looks like here. Not sure that I would love a big city all the time, but when I visit I am really omnomnom about most stuff there.

The lights thing is what I was thinking with that thing in the back I want to build but probably never will. Kind of like in Veggie's parents yard.

lab said...

you would tink by my age i would know my fantasy place. but i like it right here. but would love a small vacation bungalow just about anywhere.

Sara Drew said...

This is a PBS show. Not real life. :)