Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Feral One

Tis the season for tricks and treats. H is an alligator hunter. His aunt Laura put the words "Alligator Hunter" in bright orange on the front of his shirt. Wavy is a kitty cat.

Today the kids dressed up for a community Trunk or Treat event. As we were waiting in line for the trolley, a kid (probably around 6 or 7 years-old) who was dressed up like the Hulk started talking to us...

Hulk: Are you JUST an army guy?!! (directed to H)

Me: No, he's an alligator hunter. It says it on his shirt. (my thoughts- little punk kid, so what if he was an army guy)

Hulk: What is she...a bunny rabbit?

Me: NO, she's a cat. (geezh, she has a long tail and paws)

Hulk: She's not black. What kind of cat is she?

H: She's a feral cat.

Hahahahahaha, that shut him up! I can't believe he said that. HAHAHAHA.


Ryan said...

That was a really good response. Atta boy H! You will read this one day and think "Did I really say that?" You certainly did.

lab said...

he (the other kid) just wasnt as observant as my grandchildren. probably not as cute or smart either.