Friday, October 5, 2012

The Patch

Ahhh, it's my little family pumpkin patch! They all crack me up.

Thank goodness there was wide open spaces for W to run. That girl is go-go-go 24 / 7. 

Waverly is getting  pretty good with the camera! Only kidding, Bob and Mimi took her back so we could enjoy some time in the patch without constantly chasing her.

Kerrie sent me article about a mom who's hardly in any of the pictures with her kids. Us moms are so critical of ourselves and we're lucky to get out of the house with matching clothes on! So I'm making a conscious effort to be included in pictures. Lord knows, I'm not getting any younger looking ;)


Anonymous said...

You guys look great!

lab said...

this is a wonderful haloween tradition. hope you continue it.