Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards

On this year's Christmas card, I decided to only include Mr. H. I found this perfect knit hat but getting him to wear it would be challenging. I told him it was his "recycling hat" b/c I know he has a fascination with a recycling video and gets excited every Tuesday when the truck comes to pick ours up. I said we needed to take a picture for the Recycling Facility. I'm sure (well, hope) he'll forgive me one day.

My pregnant brain is fully activated. Did you know during pregnancy a woman's brain decreases in size and doesn't return to normal until 6 months AFTER delivery! Click HERE if you don't believe me. So I went to pick up the Christmas cards and noticed I spelled Harrison's name wrong! What an idiot = me!

The other night when I was laying down with H before bedtime, we were going through our normal routine. He likes a fictitious story (generally about Manny the Manlift, Roscoe the Road Grader, and/or Craig the Crane), followed by a review of his entire day. The next part varies depending on how talkative he is. That night he asked for help on saying his prayers then I told him we loved him very much and we're very proud of him. His response was "it's okay to love me too much"!!!

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