Friday, December 3, 2010

First Appointment

My first OB appointment was yesterday and it couldn't have gone any better. Normally, most people wait until they are through their first trimester to announce the big news but I couldn't wait any longer. I'm around 9 weeks and by Christmas I'll be entering the second trimester. The due date is July 10 (although the ultrasound had tomorrow's date on it so maybe it's supposed to be the 9th). However, since I had a c-section with Harrison, I'll have an elective one with Baby 2. I'll deliver at the beginning of July.

The baby is around the size of an olive but has a strong beating heart. The legs and arm buds are starting to form. It's so precious and amazing. Life is such a miracle! Please keep us in your prayers :)

How I am feeling? Awesome. It's pretty crazy b/c I thought everything would be the same as it was with Harrison. With H, I was super tired and would sleep around 12 hours each night. I felt nauseated and not much of an appetite the first trimester and almost passed out once (which was really scary). This baby, I can't sleep at night. I stay up later than I should and toss and turn most of the night. My energy is pretty high and I need to eat small meals throughout the whole day otherwise the baby gets mad :) I've had a few exhaustion days but it's been good. My pants are fitting tighter around the waist but I probably won't pop for quite awhile.

I really love having this blog. I'd like to think someone day Harrison and Baby 2 will read it and know how much I love them and would do anything for them.


heather said...

So happy for you all! Can't wait to see him/her! I can't believe you are waiting to find out!!

lab said...

i hardly know what to say. at the birth of a grandchild, this awesome awe moment hits, and i get to experience it for the sixth time. life is not only good, it is amazing.

Growing Paines said...

Yay, so exciting. Darin and I are so happy for you. I'm so happy we get to grow our second babies together!

designergirl007 said...

Congratulations! Super excited and can't wait to meet the next baby!

HaydensMom said...

I'm very happy for you guys! I can't wait to meet baby!