Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful Surprise

I purchased this Countdown To Christmas decoration several years ago and I still love it. This year I had Harrison help me fill up each door with a M&Ms (for him) and Jolly Ranchers (for us). If you take a piece of candy out, you have to say something you're grateful for. Well, today I caught Harrison opening several doors helping himself to whatever M&Ms he could find. 

Me: Harrison, what are you doing?

H: Oh, eating M and Ms.

Me: How many have you had?

H: A lot.

Me: Well, what are you thankful for?

H: DADA! (extreme excitement in the voice)

Me: What else?

H: I'm thankful for dada, mama and baby. (tears from me)


Ange said...

Keep posting Harrison stories. I'm loving them!

Heather said...