Friday, December 10, 2010


Here's the latest pic from Harrison of his favorite person in the whole wide world.

On a different subject, it dawned on me the other day, I never write about the trying times of a 2 year old. Any parent knows there are great days and then there are days you wonder how you have any hair left. Luckily these don't happen too often. Last week, I sat down with H to share some toast with peanut butter. I took one bite and it was as if I took all of his toys and burned them in a bonfire. He broke down into tears (not the I'm hurting ones, the I'm-not-getting-exactly-what-I-want-tears). I said, what's the matter? Apparently, I took a bite of HIS toast and he wanted it back. "Put it back, Mama, put it back, Mama, put it back, Mama." Seriously? It was my piece, his were on the other side of the plate. I heard this for over an hour. He even stood outside the shower door and demanded I put it back.

He calmed down after I started singing Christmas songs. But the second, he saw the dining room table the memory came flooding back. My in-laws were visiting and my MIL found a piece of bread heel, tore it up and added peanut butter to it. She snuck it over to me. I thought in my mind, no way on Earth this is going to work. I said "look, I got it back." He looked at it then took a bite and all was right in his world again :)

After this episode I decided Bob and Mimi needed a little bit of Harrison time. The next morning, when he woke up, he walked into the kitchen and said "what's all this rack about!"

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