Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Year of Resolutions

Are you the type to make resolution only to break them in February or do you even bother? I'm a list maker so I kinda enjoy this type of thing. Let's see this year, Goal #1: I (more like we) will get our finances more in order. Actually, we're pretty good but it will be nice to know we can definitely retire at 60. Goal #2: get into better shape. This one is going to be difficult with my lack of time between raising a toddler and working full time but the hospital where I'll be delivering at has an aqua moms swim class. My doctor said it will feel really good especially when I enter into my third trimester. Goal #3: organize the house. I have more junk drawers than I know what to do with and Harrison's room is starting to be overrun with toys. My list is maybe kinda boring so I added the image :) What are your resolutions?

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