Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Baby

Today's appointment with my OB went really well. She was able to find the heartbeat right away (141 bpm) and I'm measuring 15 cm which by week 20 should line up with my week. The big ultrasound is February 24th, the same day as my next appointment. I decided to schedule it the same day since they are in the same building. At 17 weeks, the skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, that's probably why I'm starting to feel him/her move around :)

My other baby's second day of pre-school went better than the first. When I picked him up, he wasn't crying however he did tell me he cried. After talking to his teacher, I learned he was upset (aka crying) when they went outside to play. On Tuesday, they played inside so of course this was something new which threw him off. Someday we'll get it figured out :) But the good news is, he's willing to go back!


Kensho Studio said...

So glad to hear all is well with the new baby! How are you feeling? Also, glad that Harrison is doing pretty well with school!

lab said...

well, you and ryan have some very importnat things going on. easing harrison through another step in life and getting ready for #2 to make his/her entrance.