Friday, July 13, 2012

Da Zoo!

Since I'm not working full-time and Harrison's summer program is finished, I've been trying to figure out ways to entertain these two. It's still really hot here so we try to head out early in the morning when places are opening plus it beats the crowds. Today we stopped by the zoo to see the new African cheetahs. 

This groundhog was SOOO funny. It kept scratch on the glass and trying to bite his way out. Groundhog for a pet? I don't think so, sorry guy.

We were looking at an empty area for the Southeast Asian cheetahs . . .

Me: I guess they are sleep.

H: Yeah, they must be tired. Asian is REALLY far away!

1 comment:

lab said...

think i see a harrison squirrel in this picture. you are such a good mom to do so much with your children. the heat would be my excuse.