Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Play Time with H

I found the Mr Potatohead mustache while we were playing Legos...

Me: Do you wish you had a mustache?

H: I have a little one. I have some hairs growing in that area . . . Home Sweet Helicopter.

Harrison likes to "play" tv shows that he likes (Ice Road Truckers, Finding Big Foot, American Pickers). Today it was Pickers and we started out in his room and I would hold up an object.

Me: How much for this one?

H: Can't sell, family owned.

Me: What about this one?

H: Can't because it was from a friend who passed away in the British Columbian War.

Man, I really wanted that piece!

1 comment:

lab said...

always always always be careful what you say around H. he has automatic recall even if he is not paying attention.