Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Hunt

This morning we braved the morning heat and went on a scavenger hunt. Harrison drew the red map and wanted to add an exclamation point to the bottom to show it's importance. He was a little thrown off by litter and wanted me to describe it. Then he said "Oh I thought you were talking about Kitty Litter!"

Little Miss Busy Britches has be where H is. Lately he's been riding his tricycle around the house and she hangs on back. It's really funny. She's been wanting to wrestle with him too. Now that's a sight. They really can go at it but I hear quite a few giggles so it's all in good fun.

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lab said...

hope these two grow up and are close to one another. i know how much my siblings mean to me and think my kids are pretty close too.
Mr bif stuff is a good title for H.