Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garden Show

We headed downtown to the annual garden show. H was so excited he couldn't resist a chance to hop in the seat of a real skid loader. These are the overalls I blogged about yesterday.

Aren't these rock benches cool? Now, where to find some of these babies?!

We're going to steal this idea for our shed. It's a rubber sink (minus the plumbing) used for potting. Plus it has a ruler on the edge of it.

Several booths had this fern type plant. It's called Jacob's Ladder and it loves the shade. 

As H says, "see ya later alligator, after while crocodile."


lab said...

love the overalls, love the plants, love the rock benches, love the potting sink, but not too wild about the reptile. sounds like you all had a good outing.

Ange said...

I really like the potting sink idea!