Friday, February 18, 2011

Pregnant Life

When you're pregnant, the body twists and turns in crazy ways. Check out the above diagram. Can someone please tell me where the intestines are located during the third trimester? I think they squish the brain to make more room.

So this week, I've managed to wash AND dry my car keys. It wouldn't be a big deal, but I have the electronic lock attached to the key. Ryan replaced a part and it only cost us 40 bucks instead of 180. Today, I went the extra mile and put on makeup. I don't wear perfume very often so when I do I feel like I'll have an extra special day. As I was squirting it, I immediately felt stinging in my eyes. I'm an idiot. I have no idea how I was able to spray my entire face with perfume. So much for the makeup.

Last but not least. I pulled on my lovely maternity cargo pants and noticed they were feeling a bit snugger. Thinking that I've gained more weight and they were freshly washed, I continued getting ready. I did notice the front pockets looked different but my mind quickly wondered somewhere else. Any sane person would have realized something wasn't right. Right before leaving the house, I reach into my back pocket only to discover that my hand slid in there at an angle. OMG, my pants were on backwards! The sad part is I would have left the house this way. 

When I was pregnant with Harrison, I wore two different shoes to a doctor's appointment. That appointment just happened to be the 3 hours glucose testing day, so I had to sit there for 3 plus hours with my new fashion statement. 


lab said...

think intestines disappear during pregnancy and somehow reappear after delivery. or the person that designed this image didnt allow enough room to include the intestines.

Kensho Studio said...

When my SIL was pregnant, she found, at grocery check out, that about 1/2 the things in her "very full" basket were things she didn't pick out. She said to the cashier "somebody put a lot of extra food in my basket." Then she realized, she had taken someone else's basket and continued on shopping! ha ha!! For me ... I'm able to make these sorts of mistakes without being pregnant! help!!