Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heart Pounding

I've been looking forward to this day for about two weeks. Harrison's first valentine's day party at school. After searching high and low, we found some cute Snoopy cards for the other kids. We decided to get his teachers gifts as well. I thought lotion would be perfect but H preferred maps. Yes, maps. I asked him, why maps and he said so they wouldn't get lost when driving. We compromised and they received both. Warning to all future girlfriends - don't expect flowers or candy for v-day, you'll know he loves you when you get windshield wiper fluid or a tire gauge. 

We decorated the gift bags with homemade stamps (see picture above). Just take a piece of cardboard, rolling it into the desired shaped, add a rubber band, then dip it in paint. Ready to go!

This morning he was pretty quiet but you never know what kind of mood you're going to get. I dropped him off at school and continued my work day. At 9:34, I received THE CALL, ya know the one you never want to get. As soon as I looked at caller id, I knew it couldn't be good news. "Em Amanda, this is Harrison's school and he just got sick." Grabbing the car keys, "I'll be right there." 

Yes, our little man has a small case of the stomach bug. When I arrived, they had changed his clothes and he was sans shoes. I felt really bad b/c he was sick AND didn't get to attend the party. As I carried him into the house, round two began. As I mentioned over and over, I'm still new to motherhood and my reaction time isn't the best yet. After both of us were covered in oatmeal from breakfast, I was able to take action. Okay, the bathroom is probably the best place for him until I get this cleaned up. Somehow, I managed to change our clothing, clean the floor and nurture the little one. Luckily, we never saw round three.

I sent Ryan to pick up his shoes (somehow they managed to get lost in the situation) and valentines. He discovered that H got sick during chapel and all over his teacher. Apparently, she had to leave to change clothes! I felt worse after hearing this but I guess it's just one of those things. Live and learn.


Kensho Studio said...

Wow! This is quite a "first school Valentine's party" story ... one you won't forget! Also, love his gift choice of maps for his teachers! How sweet ...

Anonymous said...

mothers are more laid back these days. knowing myself, i would have tried to talk him out of the maps. but you let him express himself and it works out every time. harrison is always thinking outside the box.